The Story of Moonhunt

If necessity is the mother of all invention, then Moonhunt Media is the daughter of a nagging passion. Originally conceived in another production house venture, Moonhunt Media began with a simple vision: to make quality independent films that people would actually want to watch. With a single investor and four partners, Moonhunt currently has a number of projects in the pipe that we look forward to bringing out soon. And we look forward to bringing you creative entertainment for many years to come.

Moonhunt Media is named for two characters in G.K. Chesterton's comedic novel, Manalive, jaded journalist Michael Moon and spoiled heiress Rosamund Hunt. Born out of a love story about uncommon people in common circumstances, Moonhunt has been striving for the past decade to find the extraordinary stories beneath the mundane, and tell them in ways that are both surprising and entertaining.

Our logo, Diana and her pack hunting the moon in the night sky, evokes our evolving mission to shoot for the moon in all of our projects. We hope that our lasting legacy will be a body of work that captures all of the magic embodied in the story of our namesakes.

Join us! Feel the moonburn.....

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