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Our latest creation

"Frankenstein, Missouri"

Tag Line: "It Exists"

Log Line: On Halloween, a film crew journeys to the town of Frankenstein, home of Momo, the infamous “Missouri Monster.”

Log Line 2: Explore the true meaning of "numinous dread" in the town of Frankenstein, Missouri.

Synopsis: Pets are disappearing from backyards in Frankenstein, MO, and people want to know who the culprit is. Could it be Momo, the infamous Missouri Monster, hungry for a midnight snack? Or could it be the result of a murderous cult's animal sacrifices? Two young filmmakers set out to solve the mystery in an attempt to exploit the town for their own gain. But when they uncover the truth, they get far more than they bargained for.

"Five O'Clock Shadow"
Coming soon....

Tag Line: Sometimes a man has to take a stand... Even when he's dressed like a girl.

Log Line: Jacob is having a bad weekend. Kidnapped. Tied up. Forced to wear a dress. All because he saved someone's life ten years ago? This topsy turvy and timely tale reminds us that no amount of make-up, no dress, no wig can change the MAN underneath it all.


Synopsis: Back in college, Jacob had to disguise himself as a girl to get his doctorate. He had no idea the act would end up preventing a fellow student from committing suicide. Or that it would come back to haunt him ten years later when that student comes looking for the "woman" who saved his life. Now Jacob is faced with a choice: Come clean or don the dress again? But his mind is made up for him by forces beyond his control...

other films we're putting together

(Biographical Documentary)
In association with Beaker Films and directed by Nikki Brower, this poignant and energetic documentary puts a colorful spotlight on the way one woman, Madonna Holladay, inspired generations of students, cheerleaders and community leaders, even in death following a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.


A monster hatched in secret by a science-obsessed highschool cheerleader....When the rest of her squad becomes rabid after they're each bitten by her pet, she alone can save them. Blood, guts, cheerleaders and a mythical monster on the football field....What more could you want? 


(Fantasy Thriller)
"At first glance, The Man Who Was Thursday is a detective story filled with poetry and politics. But it is mystery that grows more mysterious, until it is nothing less than the mystery of creation itself." ~Dale Ahlquist

Based on the classic novel by G.K. Chesterton, this thrilling fantasy presents a nightmare scenario... A culture of death. And one man who wants to fight it. His name is Gabriel Syme. He's a spy who infiltrates the "Council of Days," (the supreme anarchist council, made up of 7 men, each named for a day of the week) to bring them down from the inside. This relentlessly exciting story pits our hero against a world in chaos. But most frightening, he must face off against the colossal leader of the anarchists, a mountain of a man known only as "Sunday." But who is Sunday? And are you sure you want to find out? 


A detective searches for a criminal among the patients at a clinic for people with outlandish obsessive, compulsive disorders.


(Dark Comedy)
Inspired by G.K. Chesterton's "The Napoleon of Notting Hill," this comedy follows the exploits of a nerdy summer camp director who belongs to a secret society of modern day knights. He takes things a bit too far when he forces the young campers into an all-out war.


In the Great Smoky Mountains, seven young "monster hunters" are about to find out that every deadly sin has an opposing virtue... And that every monster has an opposing hero.

​(Science Fiction)
There are three amateur scientists: The first is studying spontaneous human combustion. The second is in Atlanta searching for sharks in the freshwater Chattahoochee Rver. The third is trying to download his own soul into his computer. Their paths are about to cross....

An examination of the inherent dangers of prophylactic antibiotic use in food production, and how this practise has potentially lethal consequences. Explores possible alternatives and the way some food producers are working to change the system.